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Harper’s Magazine

Upward Immobility

The Golden Drop

Spirits at Death’s Door


A Far Cry from Van Gogh

Received 2016 Int’l Labor Organization Award for Excellence in Reporting on Labor Migration

Al Jazeera America

French Catholics take in refugee family seeking ‘a normal life.’ 

EU loophole leaves Latin American workers in legal limbo

Morocco sets unlikely precedent in hosting sub-Saharan migrants

EU Plan to target Libyan smugglers too little, too late

Pompton Lakes community fears DuPont could shirk toxic cleanup

Women’s rights take center stage in WI governor’s race 

Public Radio International

One side effect of Colombia’s civil war: Cheap household help

Along Morocco’s border with a Spanish enclave, these women shoulder twice their weight

The Atlantic

Paris is facing a baguette shortage

Le Monde Diplomatique

Whose American dream?  here in the print issue.

France’s Indian Ocean prize


Why your hotel maid needs a panic button

In the shadow of France’s busiest airport sits the world’s quaintest ghost town

French Farmer: Without migrants, European agriculture will not survive 

Germans are unironically nostalgic for the golden days of 1950s debt forgiveness

Ceuta’s public housing boom signals a positive turn in Spanish economy

 GroundTruth – A GlobalPost project

Europe takes a harder line on migrants

Europe’s refugee asylum systems buckling under pressure

Smuggler gangs in the Mediterranean are big, deadly business


The ‘human mules’ of Morocco


Bring us your tired, your poor, but not your job applications

New York Magazine’s Bedford and Bowery 

How radical art tumbled into the East Village